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After School & Vacation Care for Children Aged 5-12 Years


About Us

Buzi Kidz OOSH is a professional and accredited service that offers quality care by providing a child-focused environment. We value the role of play to support learning and to encourage children to express themselves. We provide children with a wide variety of supervised recreational activities that allow them to undertake experiences, explore their thoughts and opinions and develop self-reliance and self-esteem. Our Educators support your child by providing experiences that focus on learning through play to foster social, emotional, creative and physical development. 

We value the diversity of our community and promote a fair, inclusive environment where all children, families and staff are treated as equals. 
We promote an environment that allows children to develop and learn at a pace that suits their needs and abilities. All our programs provided at the centre are based around the ideas and  interests of the children and families that are currently using the service.

At Buzi Kidz OOSH, we value your child as an individual and cater to the well-being of each member of our centre.

Our Vision

We strive to provide a caring environment for all children that is safe, stimulating and inclusive. Our centre aims to support and nurture each child’s physical, emotional, social, intellectual and cultural development.

Our Philosophy

We at Buzi Kidz believe that school age children need an environment that is supportive welcoming and challenging.
Our program reflects the learning of both individual and groups of children.

Our program consists of play based learning which enables children to make connections between past experiences and new learning.
We aim to provide an environment that connects children within their families, the community and educators.

Our centre strives to provide opportunities for parents in the centre and within their Childs learning whilst catering for the needs of the families.

As educators we appreciate children as individuals, using our professional knowledge to actively support the children within their environment and the continuous circle of learning
and wellbeing.

Aims & Objectives

The Centre: Our age-appropriate equipment and facilities provide a comfortable and supportive environment that is friendly, welcoming, clean and safe. We encourage good nutrition through healthy snacks and modeling good eating habits. We strive for open communication amongst all parties.

The Parents: We work to maintain positive relationships and communication between parents and staff, making parents feel welcomed and valued at all times. We help parents who are working, training or studying to feel confident in the quality of care that our centre provides for their children.

The Children: We have worked to create a positive environment that focuses on communication, relationships and the development of life skills. We believe that this environment can be achieved by encouraging children to be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of activities. Through the nurturing of positive relationships between staff and children, we have developed a program that is flexible, stimulating, interesting and exciting. Children are able to learn through exploration and develop new skills.

The Staff: We provide a positive environment that encourages respect, cooperation and understanding. Our staff is highly trained and aware of all duties and expectations to better provide support, assistance and continual encouragement.

The Community: We stay involved with our community to develop positive relationships and better judge the changing needs of our schools and relevant community groups. We ensure that the cultural diversity of our community, schools and organisations is valued and respected.
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